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         Call: 02-666-1933

The Denla Organic Food Market

Invitation to all parents! Please come to visit and shop at the Denla Organic Food Market, on Thursday 7th of November 2019 from 2pm to 5pm, at the Denla Covered Walkway. Discover healthy organic-related stalls, which include;

? The Organic Farm – a gathering of organic fruits and vegetable producers, offering fresh ingredients delivered directly from the farms to the customers.

• “Samkhok Organic” – a vegetable orchard that utilises organic agriculture practices which are both environmentally friendly and chemical-free, for the good health of the consumers. They have been certified with the Organic Thailand TAS 54153 certifications, and you will be able to shop for fresh organic vegetables such as green oak lettuce, green bowls, red bowls, red coral, cos, mini cos, kale, white radish, red radish, and parsley.

• “Smart Nine Farm” – an organic vegetable farm that produces reasonable priced, fresh, crispy, and tasty vegetables. They do not distribute through a middleman, thus creating a popular buzz that is widely-shared among health-conscious customers, so their products are much sought-after.

• “En DuHerb” – another healthy fruit and vegetable producer in which the owner’s passion has resulted in producing quality organic rice, fruits, and vegetables, that are not only safe but also at a price that all consumers can afford. This not only helps farmers to have a good quality of life, but also a belief that “healthy customers, make happy farmers”.

? The Organic Bakery – a selection of valuable healthy ingredients in order to produce delicious bakery products

• “Monster Bites” – with its famous Skinny brownie crackers. There are also several vegan menus to choose from, including caramel custards, cookies, crackers, and brownies. They are not only delicious, but are made without the use of milk, butter, eggs, and sugar.

• “Hearty Bake Shop” – a wide selection of clean snacks, including fruit cakes, choc balls, choco-honey almond spread, apple sauce oatmeal muffins, etc.

? Organic Drinks by “SOE Organic” – delivering 100% fresh, healthy, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices that uses organic fruits and vegetables, that are easy to drink, as well as tasty, safe, and can be consumed by both children and adults alike, under the concept “enjoy your life with SOE”.

? Organic Snacks by “Sino-Thai Freeze & Dry” – for everyone to enjoy dried fruits and vegetables. Yummies that will be readily available include durians, bananas, mangoes, cashew nuts, pumpkins, strawberries, and other assorted dried mixed fruits.

This activity is a part of the Denla 5 Campaign – which is a week of learning and practising elements of well-being, which will be held between 4th and 8th November 2019.