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The Prize Day 2020-21 Academic Year

Huge congratulations to all of our students of the 2020-21 Academic Year!

Prize Day is about marking the end of the academic year where students of all year groups assemble to celebrate their achievements and progress throughout the year before they move up to the next stage of their school life.

The main purpose of Prize Day is about promoting positive recognition and motivating students to continue doing their best. Prize Day can boost students’ self-esteem and self-confidence, encouraging them to be the best they can be.

The criteria of giving out awards during Prize Day is focusing on the students’ academic achievements, and also to reward effort too, which in a way is even more important. We also put a spotlight on their skills, talents, and unique individuality that reflect DBS’s core value of well-rounded education.

Please see the list of students who were awarded in the Prize Day 2020-21 Academic Year.
For the full videos of the Prize Day, please see them in the DBS Newsletter and Seesaw announcement.

Pre-Prep Awards  

EY Awards

New Friends of DBS: EY1 Piacher
New Friends of DBS: EY1 Yidan
New Friends of DBS: EY2 Kreme
New Friends of DBS: EY2 Cake
New Friends of DBS: EY2 J-Da

Communicator Award: EY1 Thrin
Communicator Award: EY1 Olu
Communicator Award: EY2 Kiki
Communicator Award: EY2 Aziz
Communicator Award: EY2 Shawn

Friendship Award: EY1 Porjai
Friendship Award: EY1 Anfield
Friendship Award: EY1 Tasha
Friendship Award: EY1 Aun Aun
Friendship Award: EY2 Nana
Friendship Award: EY2 Singto
Friendship Award: EY2 Jaokha

Literacy Award: EY1 Pang Pang
Literacy Award: EY1 Vada
Literacy Award: EY1 Mekha
Literacy Award: EY1 Earn
Literacy Award: EY2 Ada
Literacy Award: EY2 Lia
Literacy Award: EY2 Keith
Literacy Award: EY2 Ella

Maths Award: EY1 Poon
Maths Award: EY1 L
Maths Award: EY2 Nobel
Maths Award: EY2 Shane

Investigators Award: EY1 Ichi
Investigators Award: EY1 Season
Investigators Award: EY2 Smith
Investigators Award: EY2 Soodluck

Creators Award: EY1 Nara
Creators Award: EY1 Marianne
Creators Award: EY1 Pont
Creators Award: EY2 Jaidee
Creators Award: EY2 Lynn
Creators Award: EY2 Lyla
Creators Award: EY2 Bella
Creators Award: EY2 Deejai

Enterprise Award: EY1 Insee
Enterprise Award: EY1 Nicha
Enterprise Award: EY1 Zhi Xiang
Enterprise Award: EY2 Zen
Enterprise Award: EY2 Pryce
Enterprise Award: EY2 Gunnie

Thai Award: EY1 Gunsue
Thai Award: EY1 Silmie
Thai Award: EY1 Arthur
Thai Award: EY2 Petite
Thai Award: EY2 Latte

Language Learner Award: EY1 Kongkwan
Language Learner Award: EY1 Chana
Language Learner Award: EY2 Aim
Language Learner Award: EY2 Porsche
Language Learner Award: EY2 Kenta

Swimming: EY1 Gail
Swimming: EY1 Max
Swimming: EY2 Pett
Swimming: EY2 Alice

Music: EY1 Ken
Music: EY2 Lisa
Music: EY2 Jasper

Sports and Physical Development Award: EY1 Marvin
Sports and Physical Development Award: EY1 Au-tung
Sports and Physical Development Award: EY2 Vienna
Sports and Physical Development Award: EY2 Nokyoong

Progress Award: EY1 BK
Progress Award: EY1 Otint
Progress Award: EY1 Ane
Progress Award: EY2 Prim
Progress Award: EY2 Pana
Progress Award: EY2 Fuji
Progress Award: EY2 Adrian

Spirit of DBS: EY1 Santi
Spirit of DBS: EY1 Cookie
Spirit of DBS: EY1 Bonus
Spirit of DBS: EY2 Chawin
Spirit of DBS: EY2 Evie
Spirit of DBS: EY2 Charlotte


Y1-Y2 Awards

New Joiners Superstar Award Y1 Cirene
New Joiners Superstar Award Y2 Praew
Communicator Award Y1 Metal
Communicator Award Y1 Euro
Communicator Award Y1 Aomsup
Communicator Award Y1 Enzo
Communicator Award Y1 Navig
Communicator Award Y1 Prim
Communicator Award Y2 Kiwi
Communicator Award Y2 Ud
Communicator Award Y2 Prim
Technology Award Y1 Munich
Technology Award Y1 Billy
Technology Award Y1 Rome
Technology Award Y2 Raleigh
Technology Award Y2 Achi
Technology Award Y2 Beam
Friendship Award Y1 Theo
Friendship Award Y1Prize
Friendship Award Y1 Stang
Friendship Award Y2 Gon
Friendship Award Y2 New
Friendship Award Y2 Aim
Friendship Award Y2 Thames
Friendship Award Y2 Noyna
Literacy Award Y1 Walnatt
Literacy Award Y1 Rdar
Literacy Award Y1 Zoe
Literacy Award Y2 Lava
Literacy Award Y2 Jya
Literacy Award Y2 Turquoise
Maths Award Y1 Jerry
Maths Award Y1 Milo
Maths Award Y1 Meimei
Maths Award Y1 Japan
Maths Award Y2 Prabhji
Maths Award Y2 Captain
Maths Award Y2 Sasha
Investigators Award Y1 Keane
Investigators Award Y1 Shaik
Investigators Award Y1 Dragon
Investigators Award Y2 Piyah
Investigators Award Y2 Posh
Investigators Award Y2 Karn
Creators Award Y1 Mai-Oak
Creators Award Y1 BP
Creators Award Y2 Id
Creators Award Y2 Oscar
Creators Award Y2 Preeya
Creators Award Y2 Punpun
Creators Award Y2 Mac
Enterprise Award Y1 Orca
Enterprise Award Y1 Shane
Enterprise Award Y2 Cooper
Enterprise Award Y2 Ployya
Enterprise Award Y2 Int
Thai Award Y1 Wajhai
Thai Award Y1 Prince
Thai Award Y1 Nicha
Thai Award Y2 Earney
Thai Award Y2 Modtanoi
Thai Award Y2 Ocean
Thai Award Y2 Nobi
Thai Award Y2 Jayda
Language Learner Award Y1 Jolin
Language Learner Award Y1 Venus
Language Learner Award Y1 Jaokhun
Language Learner Award Y2 Gundam
Language Learner Award Y1 Mie Mie
Language Learner Award Y2 Time
Sports Award Y1 Paeya
Sports Award Y1 Kao
Sports Award Y1 D-Day
Sports Award Y2 Namo
Sports Award Y2 Ammy
Sports Award Y2 Pao
Sports Award Y2 Jaosua
Seal Award Y1 Sita
Seal Award Y1 Pearl
Seal Award Y1 Nicha
Seal Award Y2 Tale
Seal Award Y2 Ploy
Seal Award Y2 Enfant
Musicians Award Y1 Ting Ting
Musicians Award Y1 Zhi Hui
Musicians Award Y1 Cooper
Musicians Award Y2 Esther
Musicians Award Y2 Min R
Musicians Award Y2 Pud
Progress Award Y1 Hulk
Progress Award Y1 Karat
Progress Award Y2 Nada
Progress Award Y2 Eddie
Progress Award Y2 Aya
Spirit of DBS Y1 Anna
Spirit of DBS Y1 Rodfiat
Spirit of DBS Y1 Rynna
Spirit of DBS Y2 Nita
Spirit of DBS Y2 Elle
Spirit of DBS Y2 Peachy

Prep and Senior School Awards

Art Subject Award

Y3 Porsche
Y4 Pile-R
Y5 Arin
Y6 Jeen
Y7 Tonkaw
Y8 Grace
Y9 Bell
Y10 Ernearn

Computing Subject Award

Y3 Sen
Y4 Rafha
Y5 Bayla
Y6 Charming
Y7 Korn
Y8 Nacho
Y9 Chess
Y10 Tai

Drama Subject Award

Y3 Prom
Y4 Yuan-Yuan
Y5 Jani
Y6 Ting-Ting
Y7 Tonkaw
Y8 Nacho
Y9 Fen Fen

English Subject Award

Y3 Ryan
Y4 Lion)
Y5 Perm
Y6 Terntem
Y7 Mod
Y8 Baibua
Y9 Aom
Y10 Ernearn

Humanities Subject Award

Y3 U-Saw
Y4 Timmy
Y5 Chan
Y6 Charming
Y7 Tonkaw
Y8 Yaya
Y9 Aom
Y10 Yoyo

Mandarin Subject Award

Y3 Phruk
Y4 Fame
Y5 Minnie
Y6 Charming
Y7 Peak
Y8 Pim
Y9 Ellie
Y10 Ernearn

Mathematics Subject Award

Y3 Toon
Y4 Fame
Y5 Bayla
Y6 Baiploo
Y7 Peak
Y8 Nacho
Y9 Ham
Y10 Yoyo

Music Subject Award

Y3 Prom
Y4 Jaar
Y5 Yim Yim
Y6 Ting-Ting
Y7 Niamh
Y8 Winnie
Y9 Marta
Y10 Pinky

PE Subject Award

Y3 Cheer
Y4 Yuan-Yuan
Y5 Jani
Y6 Charming
Y7 Ping
Y8 Prim
Y9 Felicia

Science Subject Award

Y3 Yuki
Y4 August
Y5 Chann
Y6 Charming
Y7 Niamh
Y8 Pim
Y9 Chess) Jirasiriariyakul
Y10 Tai

Thai Subject Award

Y3 Toon
Y4 Khun
Y5 Bayla
Y6 Charming
Y7 Pang
Y8 Pim
Y9 Felicia
Y10 Pinky

Balmoral House Outstanding contribution to the House nominated by House Leaders
Y9 Fen Fen

Buckingham House Outstanding contribution to the House nominated by House Leaders
Y9 Felicia

Sandringham House Outstanding contribution to the House nominated by House Leaders
Y7 Niamh

Windsor House Outstanding contribution to the House nominated by House Leaders
Y9 Lewis

Service Award
Y9 Chess

Music Performance Award
Y10 Pinky

Drama Performance Award
Y7 Tonkaw

Creative Expression Award
Y7 Vinta

Sports Award

Y3 – Y4 Harry, BeProud
Y5 – Y6Warm Up, Aun
Y7 – Y8 Nacho, Niamh
Y9 – Y10 JK, Fen Fen

Creative Writing Award
Y10 Tai

Most Improved English Language Award
Y6 Teddy

Beacon Award
Y10 Tai

Progress Award
Y3 Sen,
Y4 Netta

Effort Awards

Y3 Rome
Y4 Gud
Y5 Jani
Y6 Charming
Y7 Flossie
Y8 Pim
Y9 Felicia
Y10 Yoyo

Academic Attainment Awards

Y3 Prom
Y4 Poh
Y5 Jani
Y6 Baiploo
Y7 Niamh
Y8 Nacho
Y9 Aom
Y10 Yoyo

Head Boy
Y10 Yoyo

Head Girl
Y10 BamBam

Enterprise Award
Y8 Minnie

Spirit of DBS
Y9 Felicia

All Round Excellence and Contribution
Y10 Pinky

The McVeigh Good Citizenship Cup
Y10 Yoyo

House Sports Shield For the best sporting House

House Points Shield For the highest House Point total