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Year 5-10 Performance Time

DBS is pleased to present to you next installment of our termly Performance Time series, featuring nine of our talented students selected from Years 5 to 10.


This academic year has seen quite a shake-up to how we would usually define schooling. The switch to and from distance learning has made us rethink our approach to Music as a subject, and we’ve done that by adopted a blended approach to learning, showcasing and performing music.


Here in DBS, we have been fortunate to be able to still proceed with a busy and fulfilling calendar of performance events, whether on-site or online, and this term’s Performance Time events are just an example some of of the online Music events and projects which the Music department has put on this academic year.


In fact, this year we have had to split the Performance Time series up into two separate events – one to showcase students from Years 1-4, and the other for students from Years 5-10. This is a clear testament to the amount of musical talent we are so fortunate to have here at DBS. We hope you will enjoy this next installment of the Year 5-10 Performance Time.