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The World Scholar’s Cup

What is the World Scholar’s Cup?

The World Scholar’s Cup is an international academic competition with more than 15,000 students participating from over 65 countries every year. It aims to teach students with not-taught-in-schools lessons. There are six subjects in the World Scholar’s Cup curriculum and the questions require critical thinking with basic knowledge rather than memorisation. The six subjects are as follow:

  • Science & Technology
  • Literature & Media
  • Art & Music
  • Special Area (custom each year)
  • History
  • Social Studies

The World Scholar’s Cup has three rounds: the Regional Rounds, the Global Round and the Tournament of Champions. The community events allow participants to have fun and mingle with other participants from different teams.

All Regional Round consist of four team events, as follows:

  • Scholar’s Bowl – every team competes in the theatre with a clicker solving analytic questions and multimedia challenges which every question harder than the ones before
  • Collaborative Writing – every team answers three questions out of the six questions given, one question each, within 1.5 hours (30 minutes discussion with teammates, 45 minutes writing, 15 minutes editing one another’s work)
  • Scholar’s Challenge – each participant answers a 120-question multiple choice exam within 60 minutes. Students can mark more than one answer per question, tho there is only one answer. The fewer answer mark, the more points are earned if the answer is correct. In this challenge, students can win a medal in each subject.
  • Team Debate – each team debates three times across all subjects with 15 minutes of research time and 12 minutes of speaking time (4 minutes each). Winning teams face other winners while non-winning teams face other non-winning teams.

Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions is an annual competition hosted by Yale University. A team to compete in the Tournament of Champions is generally composed of three members from the same or different schools. To be qualified for the tournament, the team must exceed a point threshold for both the Regional and the Global round.

The tournament is divided into two divisions, junior and senior, depending on the age of the students. Participants who are 14 years of age and older are classified as seniors.

The World Scholar’s Cup 2022

This year at DBS, we are pridefully celebrating the great achievements of our DBS World Scholar’s Cup 2022 Team who brought back 10 amazing prizes.

The team – Aom, Baibua, Earth, Ethan, Mei and Wanjan; accompanied by Mr Stephen Roche and Miss Sarah Lovatt, traveled to Yale University in the USA for the competition. This was the world finals, competing against teams who qualified from the highly competitive regional rounds and they had some amazing achievements.

Individual (out of 850)

  • 1st Place – Writing: AOM
  • Gold Debate (top 70): EARTH&ETHAN
  • Gold Debate&19th place: AOM
  • Gold Challenge: EARTH
  • Silver Debate (top 200): BAIBUA
  • 17th Overall: AOM

Team (out of 200)

  • Gold Writing (top 25): WANJAN, AOM & BAIBUA
  • Silver Debate (top 50): ETHAN, MEI & EARTH
  • Silver Debate (top 50): WANJAN, AOM & BAIBUA

These are amazing successes at a truly global level, which shows how the DBS curriculum prepares our students to be great global leaders and compete against their peers from top schools around the world.

Special thanks to Mr Roche and Miss Lovatt for their support and mentorship for the students.

“The World Scholar’s Cup is not just a competition, it’s a celebration of learning.”

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