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           Call: 02-666-1933

Virtual Residential Trips for Students – for the First Time!

The global pandemic can’t stop us from having fun with our friends at the school’s Residential Trips! Yes, the trips were cancelled physically, but when community spirit is strong, you can have trips online!

Our Prep and Senior School students (Year 3-10) travelled virtually together on the Virtual Residential Day where teachers had challenged them to various activities that they would be doing if the trips had not been cancelled.

From the Bag Packing Challenge, Obstacle Course, Raft Building, Camp Cooking, Den Building to Virtual Campfire! Students, teachers, as well as parents at home, all had a good laugh and the a wonderful different day of distance learning.

Students have learned something new, acquired new skills they would have gained in their normal residential trips, and all members of our DBS community felt a sense of accomplishment that we, despite any challenges, can overcome adversity and prosper.