Call: 02-666-1933
         Call: 02-666-1933

Welcome to the DBS family!

Every year, it brings us great joy to see our DBS family grow with students maturing throughout the year and new students joining us.


We are happy to be partnering with our new students as they embark on a new and exciting educational journey with us.We are confident that our new students will find limitless opportunities to learn, explore, engage, and enjoy DBS.


Despite starting the new school on a screen, our new students are quite thrilled about it. Since last week, the school has ensured that they have been cared for by our staff by providing new students/parents with an induction, a learning pack with school learning resources, and a welcome letter in a frame from Mr Jonny Liddell, the school Principal, so they can keep this as a memory of how they have become a part of our DBS family.


We are excited to meet everyone, both new and returning students, when you return to campus! But for the time being, let’s meet online!


DBS Stronger Together!