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Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated across the whole school as part of our Community and Global Perspectives programme.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival for Chinese people after Chinese New Year, and it is celebrated not only in China, but also in other Asian countries and communities.


As part of our unique DBS pillar of Community and Global Perspectives, our students have learned about this  cultural event and joined the Mid-Autumn celebration to broaden their horizons both locally and globally.



In Pre-Prep, students had so much fun learning all about the festival. They made lanterns, Chinese Characters puzzles, playdough mooncake, listened to songs and stories.


In Prep, students made lanterns and pop-up cards. They also learned about the legends of Chang’E and the Jade Rabbit, did their own research about how and why this festival is celebrated by Chinese people around the world, designed lovely posters and cards by hand or digitally.



In the Senior School, students worked on different projects to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some did a project that asked them to compare and contrast this ancient Chinese festival with a Thai festival. 


It was amazing to see the cultural intelligence our students displayed. They are truly global citizens.