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Mr Richard Downs: Head of Business Studies and Economics

For 11 years, Mr Richard Downs served in the British Army before discovering his passion for teaching and learning.Since moving into education he has worked at Malvern College, an independent boarding school in the United Kingdom, Harrow International School Bangkok, and now he joins DBS as Head of Business Studies and Economics.


“I am delighted to be working at DBS Denla British School. My biggest draw was the feel of the place. This is a hard thing to measure but I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the school and I was immediately struck by how open and confident both teachers and students were. This can only come with the feeling of safety and for every teaching job I consider I start with making sure I would want my own children learning there. It has been a very positive move indeed for my family and I,” Mr Downs said.



“I began my professional life in the British Army. After eleven years I had firmly realised my passion for teaching and learning and moved to Malvern College, a UK Independent Boarding school. From there, I moved to Thailand around six years ago and became a Head of House at Harrow International School Bangkok. My family and I love Thailand and I am delighted we were able to stay in Bangkok and continue teaching in this fantastic country.”



“I strongly believe that everyone has a substantial amount to offer and education has a responsibility to get students to share this belief. I am delighted to be delivering Entrepreneurial programmes such as the Young Enterprise in Year 9 and the Equity Partnership in Year 11. Being able to teach and encourage students to develop key skills, such as organisation, being able to evaluate risk and having the confidence to pursue ideas has always been a passion and I have already been deeply impressed by the energy and positive attitude of the student body; it has a very good start indeed.”



Mr Richard Downs will lead the Business Studies and Economics department, instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in our children at a young age.